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Product Features And Benefits

A highly concentrated flowable manganese formulation containing 8 times more

Manganese than a typical liquid chelate, and almost 3 times that of sulphate or nitrate based liquids.

This means that application rates are lower and storage, transportation and handling  is reduced.

FERTICELL-Manganese-500 is quickly taken up by the crop but also has a lasting feeding effect so in many situations fewer applications are required.

Compared to manganese sulphate the flowable formulation is easy to handle and is widely tank mixable for co-application with agrochemicals which
eliminates the need for specific spray operations, saving time and money.


Leaves are lighter in color between the veins (citrus)
Premature leaves fall (citrus)
Affects north side of the tree (citrus)
Symptoms pronounced during spring flush (citrus)
Yellowing between veins on younger leaves (strawberry)
Fine netting of the veins over time (strawberry)
Black or brown spots on younger leaves (potato)
General yellowing of leaves (potato)
Poor skin finish on tubers (potato)
Tubers are more easily damaged (potato)
Inter-vein yellowing of leaflets except along veins which remain green (tomato)
Fruit yield and quality may be reduced (tomato)
Yellowing of leaves between veins (vines)
Youngest leaves are not initially affected (vines)
Pale green-yellow foliage (corn)
Interveinal chlorosis on older leaves (corn)
White interveinal flecks (corn)
Limp leaves with wavy margins (corn)
Light green mottling between main veins of recently matured leaves (apple)
New growth may be retarded (apple)
Fruit yield and quality may be reduced (apple)

General Symptons

Small plant size
Fruit yield and quality may be reduced
Leaf chlorosis between veins
Delayed maturity

Application Rates-Foliar

Deciduous tree crops , Fruit Trees, Cereals, Citrus, Strawberry, Potato, Corn, Small grains, Grapes, all crops.  

Apply: 3-4 litre per hectare on each application.

                        In case of high deficiency repeat the application every 12 days.

                        1 quart per acre on each application. 

If using low volume equipment don’t ever mix more then 2 L/hl in the concentration (67 ounces)                                 


 500 grams/litre Manganese (27.4% w/w)



MANGANESE,  Mn  500 gr/ litre 
27.7% w/w

Density: 1.5



Important for:

Activating many different enzyme processes
Nitrate reduction
Protein synthesis

Created by:

Organic soils
Sandy soils
High pH
Cold wet periods
Fluffy soils