Agroplasma Spain (Manufacturing plant/lab) was started in early 1983. The company specialized in alga, bacteria cultivation, plant extracting and organic formulations and algae-based liquid plant nutrition supplements. The company developed the technology known with the name I.C.E. Inter cellular exchange, transferring nutrients from bacteria cell to plant cells stimulating plant grow and plant ability to absorb more nutrients from the soil using less energy.

Our products brand name is FERTICELL, and our products are today distributed in USA, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Turkey, South America, Asia, Europe and some countries in Africa.

We also formulate special products according to customers request, both organic and inorganic.

Agroplasma SL Spain has more than 25 Years of experience in the agricultural sector, developing products for soil improvement, desalination, and decontamination of soils.

At the present time our focus has been on the manufacturing and distribution of high quality products and effectiveness for ecological and conventional agriculture, gardening, and environmental health while obtaining international certificates.

Our research and development focus is on the creation of organic fertilizers, row materials and organic correctors. The products are based on different types of unicellular algae, bacteria, and natural extracts of plants grass, seeds, and minerals. We incorporate the latest technologies available within the disciplines of microbiology, chemistry, and industrial processing.

Agroplasma Spain is a company that has been adopting to the changes created by new discovery in order to manage a competitive organization that allows us to create a wide selection of products to meet our client's current and future needs.