Zync- 700

Analysis: 700 grams/litre Zinc (40% w/w) (70% W/V)

Product Features And Benefits

A highly concentrated zinc formulation containing 8-10 times more zinc than a typical liquid chelated and 3-4 times that of sulphate or nitrate based liquids.

This means that application rates are lower and storage, transportation and handling are reduced.

Far easier to use (and containing more zinc) than powder products, FERTICELL-Zinc 700 distributes evenly and mixes quickly in the spray tank without the need for any pre-mixing.

FERTICELL-Zinc 700 is quickly taken up by the crop which has a lasting feeding effect. In many situations fewer applications are required.

Widely tank mixable, FERTICELL-Zinc 700 can be co-applied with many agrochemicals which allows easy integration into crop protection programs and removes the need for specific spraying operations saving time and money.


Green “Halo” along margins of young immature leaves (strawberry)
Narrow elongated leaf blades (strawberry)
Veins and leaf blade may redden (strawberry)
Number and size of fruit reduced (strawberry)
Small pale leaves (citrus)
Growth terminal are affected (citrus)
Twig die-back (citrus)
Bushy stunted trees (citrus)
Affects south side of tree (citrus)
Reduction in leaflet area (potato)
Leaflet margins roll upwards and inwards (potato)
Fern leaf disease (potato)
Stunted plants (tomato)
Smaller rolled leaflets (tomato)
With inter-vein yellowing in small patches which might become necrotic (tomato)
Poor flowering and fruit set (tomato)
Poor skin finish of fruit (tomato)
Small flat fruit (tomato)

General Symptons

Small plant size
Bronzing of leaves
Leaf chlorosis and necrosis
Delayed maturity
Loss of leaf turgidity
Umbrella like appearance

Application Rates-Foliar
Deciduous tree crops 1 litre per hectare
20 ounces per acre and application
Apple trees 0.5L – 1L per hectare
10-20 ounces per acre and application
Corn and small grains 1 litre hectare
20 ounces per acre and application
Cotton and Grapes 0.5 Litre hectare
10 ounces per acre and application
ZINC, Zn 700 gr/ litre
70% w/v
40% w/w
0.36 pound in 33 ounces
ZINC w/w 40%
Density 1,740
Important for:

The correct functioning of many enzyme systems
The synthesis of nucleic acid
Auxin (plant hormone) metabolism

Created by:

Organic soils
High pH soils
Phosphorous rich soils
Soil receiving high phosphorous application
Cold wet conditions