Description of the contents of the product
Product: Liquid nutrient for agriculture, without chemicals.
Application: Agriculture, forestry, floriculture, fruit growing, indoor plants, etc ...
Origin product: Made in Spain
MADE BY: Agroplasma S.L.
Calle Torre del Mar Nº56
29006 Malaga Spain
Tel +34-951769790
Technical information
Appearance:Liquid of Green color / dark blue
Toxicity:DO NOT. (NOT TOXIC)
Fire hazard:NO.
BHC, DDT, DDD, DDE:Negative.
Product Specification
Base substance: % (p/p)
BORON 7,5% p/v. 6,5% p/p
Algae extract 25%
Sugar beet: To avoid heart disease or root rot.
Manzano and Peral: To avoid the padding (biter pitt), cracked and papiráceo chancre.
Grapevine: To improve the flowering and avoid the run of the cluster, avoid small and wrinkled fruits.
Olive: Production loss, leaf tobacco color, and deformed olives called monkey face.
Celery: To avoid the rotten heart
Cauliflower and broccoli: Rolled leaves.
Lettuce: Rotten heads and side burns.
Asparagus: Dried tip and stems.
Potato: blackness in the tuber and dark green deformations.
Application: .
Horticulture, fruit trees, citrus fruits, grapevine and olive tree:
Weak deficiencies: 300-400 c.c. 100 liters of water.
Moderate deficiencies: 600-800 c.c. 100 liters of water.
Strong deficiencies: 1000-1200 c.c 100 liters of water.
Extensive crops:
Beet, etc. : 6 -10 liters per hectare
Created by:
Agroplasma S.L.
Polig Industrial SANTA TERESA
Calle Torre del Mar Nr 56
29004 Malaga (España)
Phone: +34 951 769790