Organic Potassium Fertilizer (liquid soil/foliar Fertilizer)

Organic liquid potassium fertilizer is mainly made up of potassium and organic substance. Containing no harmful ingredients is the best choice for agricultural products.

Ferticell-Potassium-20 is a liquid fertilizer based on organic potassium which enables optimum ripening, colour andquality of fruit. This makes Ferticell-Potassium-20 an excellent potassium nutrient capable of enhancing development and growth of fruit.

Product Features And Benefits

1. Comprehensive adaptation: Suitable for grain crops, cotton, fruits, vegetables, tobacco, tea, melon, potatoes, flowers, herbs, suitable for any soils.

2. High solubility: Dissolving quickly in water with any proportion, convenient operation can be used together with other agriculture inputs.

3. Easily permeable: Can be absorbed completely by crops within 3-5 hours.

4. Highly effective and yield increasing: Average rates of production increase 10%-20% for grain crop, and more than 25% for economic plants.

5. Vigorous growing: Improves root and plants growth.

6. Early mature: 5-15 days early mature.

7. No pollution: No harmful ingredients, it’s the best choice of fertilizer for agricultural crops.

8. Highly resistant power: Strengthens plants disease-resistance, drought-resistance, weather-resistance and insect-resistance.

9. Quality improvement: Enhancing the concentration of sugar, lengthening crop storage.

10. Low cost input: 1–2 gallons per acre 4 to 8 liters per hectare costing less than inorganic potassium fertilizers.


Higher efficacy of Agroplasma Organic Potassium than of inorganic potassium fertilizers.

Ferticell Potassium costs less, increasing greater production and improving significantly the quality of the crops. Strengthening, disease resistance, drought-resistance, weather resistance and insect resistant.  Helping the crops to be balanced, absorb nitrogen and phosphorus. The rates of production increased 10%-20% for grain crops, about 25% for economic plants and fruits.


Provides easily assimilated leaf and root potassium.
Prevents and corrects potassium deficiency disorders.
Retains fruit full
Prolongs the productive life of crops optimizing the plants metabolism.
Stimulates accumulation of photosynthates and anthocyanins.
Allows balance between respiration and transpiration increasing resistance to stress from lack of water.
Regulation of osmotic pressure and cell turgor by regulating the water and photosynthetic metabolism

General Symptons

Ferticell-Potassium-20can be mixed with most pesticides, any nitrogenised fertilizer and most herbicides. It should not be mixed with extremely alkaline products or those which contain high concentrations of phosphorous.

Application Rates-Foliar

 Depending on water and soil analysis, for any  crop, the Field Engineer recommends for  each crop and each stage of development the number of applications and doses below: 

Application Rates:


Proportion with water

Spray time

Grain crops


Reviving, Tilling, Panicle, Most active ripening stages

Fruit trees


Beginning bloom, Young fruit, Inflated stages, before harvest 15-20 days



Seeding, Beginning florescence, stages, before open ball



Seeding, Bud, Beginning florescence stages, before open ball



Seeding, Beginning vigorous growth, Beginning mature phases



Once 20-30 days before every picking periods

Seed rape


Peduncle-growing, florescence, podding periods



Seedling, Beginning florescence, Young fruit stages



Seedling, Beginning florescence, Young bean stages



Seedling, Root inflated stages 2 times



Once every 20-30 days during whole growth


1. The proportion with water is the weight rate. For example, 1:200 means 1/Liter of the product needs to add 200/liters of water.

2. At the beginning of the growth cycle, the proportion with water should be increased. For example, the proportion with water for fruit trees is 1:150-200 at the beginning of the fruit tree’s growth, the proportion with water 1:200 is recommended. In the middle and after the middle of the growth, the proportion with water 1:150 is recommended.

3. Please spray strictly according to the proportion with water.

4. If it rains after spraying within 4 hours, please re-apply the organic potassium fertilizer but use 50% of the amount recommended.

Please keep it out of the reach of children! Please keep our environment clean!


1: Add water and mix in Ferticell potassium mix thoroughly.
2: The proportion shown in above table is one of gravity. It means one gram potassium fertilizer should mix 150 grams water.
3: The proportion fertilizer and water should be increased during initial stage of the plants growth, such as young leaves and immature fruit periods.
The proportion should be reduced during middle and later stages of plants growth. For example, for rice, the proportion should be 1:200 during initial tilling stage and 1:150 during boot stage.
4: Please use the product strictly according to the above table Mist spraying.
5: The product can increase absorption of fertilizer and pesticide. If you want to use it with pesticide, test the mixture on one or two plants. If there is no affect after 3 days, you can use the mixture of potassium fertilizer and pesticide.
6: Use Ferticell potassium on a clear day and reuse if rain is present within 4Hrs. Wait 24 hours before reapplying Ferticell Potassium.
7:Store the product in a cool and dry place and keep out of the reach of children.
8:The product cannot replace nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer.


POTASSIUM (K20) ..................................20%
Alga extract .......................................50%



APPEARANCE Amber colour
SMELL Organic compound characteristic
TASTE Acrid, very strong and persistent taste
TEXTURE Dense, firm liquid with no defects



pH100% 6.5 – 7.5 Potentiometric

DENSITY 1,200-1,250 g/Ml Volumetric

Important for:

The organic liquid potassium fertilizer can be used for Grain, Cotton, Seeds, Grapes, Vegetables, Tobacco, Tea, Melon, Potatoes, Flowers and all types of row crops and trees. Soak seeds with 1/200 times in water. After 30 min soaking dry seeds in the shade then plant. Spray application: Spray on leaves and stems of crops and fruit trees 3-5 times during growth cycle.

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