Nitrogen 10-0-0

Description of the contents of the product
Product name: Ferticell NPK 10-0-0 LIQUID 
Product:Liquid nutrient for agriculture, without chemical products.
Application:Agriculture, forestry, floriculture, fruit growing, indoor plants, etc ...
Origin product: Made in Spain
Manufactured by:
Agroplasma S.L.
Calle Torre del Mar Nº56
29006 Malaga - Spain
Tel +34-951769790
Technical information
Water solubility:complete
pH:5,00 – 7,00
Total Amino Acids:60,9 %(p/p)
Total Nitrogen: 10,85 %(p/p)                                     
Ammoniacal nitrogen:0,204 %(p/p)vegetable origin
Nitrogen nitrate: < 22,6 mg/Kg vegetable origin
Ureic nitrogen: 0,73 % (p/p) vegetable origin 
Organic nitrogen:10,00% (p/p) vegetable origin 
Storage:2 years
NO Explosive,NO corrosive
Keep the product at room temperature, in a cool and dry place.
Do not expose the sun or high and low temperatures. 
Do not store at temperatures below 16 degrees.
Created by:
Agroplasma S.L.
Polig Industrial SANTA TERESA
Calle Torre del Mar Nr 56
29004 Malaga (España)
Phone: +34 951 769790