Product Features And Benefits

Ferticell-Universal-Soil is an organic liquid product for soil application. It can also be mixed with seeds, organic materials, and organic or chemical fertilizers before soil treatment. To apply to soil, just mix with water according to directions. This is not a foliar product.

F-U-S is made from Micro organisms, algae extract, and plant extracts. It can be dissolved and oxidized in soil alumina material and phosphorous. The reaction will destroy the lattice structure of fertilizer products, and it will release multiple elements as K, P, Al, Mo, etc. It is known that the acid produced by microorganisms from their biological actives can dissolve the lattice structure of minerals. Carbon dioxide (CO2) produced from microbial respiration can form carbonic acid (H2CO3), which will dissolve some secondary forms of K, Ca, and Mg. Organic acids, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid produced in microbial oxidation of sulfide and ammonium salt can dissolve the salts of trace elements. The interaction of salts and microbial metabolites produces soluble potash salt.


Reducing mineral fixation

The type of acid varies with the mechanism of actions. F-U-S has the ability to convert ineffective nutrients, as K, P, N, Mg, Fe, Ca, etc. into effective nutrients. Therefore, it can effectively enhance the nutritive level of crops, and it can produce other biological active materials to promote crop growth. F-U-Salso has a high resistance to cold, drought, insect diseases, and other stresses.

Reducing Potassium Fixation

When potassium sulfate is mixed with F-U-S, the amount of potassium fixation is 21.0% less than that of the control after 3 days, and 37.5% less than that of the control field after 10 days. Tests show that F-U-S will increase the potassium availability to the plants.

General Symptons

Effect of F-U-S on Yield Increase

The results of F-U-S on several crops extend cycles.  These crops include: wheat, corn, peanuts, soybeans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, watermelon, cabbage, green peppers, cucumbers, beans, grapes, apples, and peaches.   Results show the average yield increased 10% on grain crops, 10-25% on economy fruit crops, and 20-30% on vegetable crops. The yield increase effect and economic benefits are significant.

Application Rates-Foliar

Mix 5 litre per hectare and apply to the plant root, recommended by drip irrigation.


1) Ferticell-Universal-Soil should not be mixed with antibiotics or alkaline material.

2) Seeds mixed with product should avoid direct sunshine, and should be sown on the same day.

3) Ferticell-Universal-Soil should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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