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Organic Ferticell Phosphorus Fertilizer is a mined fertilizer for correction of phosphorus deficiency in organic food production.

Organic Ferticell Phosphorus Fertilizer is an essential nutrient required by plants that is primarily responsible for a vigorous root development and fruit and flower production. This product is ideal for use during periods of rapid growth in which plants require large amounts of phosphorus.

Organic Ferticell Phosphorus Fertilizer also contains calcium for correction of calcium deficiency.


Storage: 2 years.
Toxicity: Non, if used as instructions
Derived fron animal: Non
Salmonella: absent
Color: Brown/yellow.
Use: Agriculture Organic or conventional.

Application Rates-Foliar

Apply as a soil drench, drip irrigation, chemigation or as a foliar spray. Acidify spray mix to a pH of 6.0 with some Acidifier to increase availability.

Organic Ferticell Phosphorus Fertilizer can be applied to all crops including fruit trees, vines, tree nuts, fruits and vegetables, field and row crops, ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers, containerized plants, and turf. Apply as a soil drench or a foliar spray.

Foliar Application: Apply 2 to 4 litres per 150 to 500 litres of water; keep agitation going in the tank. Add Acidifier.

Soil application: Apply 15 to 40 litres per Hectare through all application equipment, including chemigation. Apply as needed, based on soil and tissue testing.

For Chemigation Systems: Prepare a concentrated mix prior to injection by mixing Organic Ferticell Phosphorus Fertilizer with

enough water so that the solution is flowable. Do not use more than 8 litres of Organic Ferticell Phosphorus Fertilizer per 350 liters of water in the concentrated mix. Add Acidifier per each

3 litres of Organic Ferticell Phosphorus Fertilizer in the concentrated mix.

Maintain constant agitation during mixing and injection.

WARNING: Perform a phytotoxicity test on a small plot before large-scale application. To lower the risk of phytotoxicity, applications should be made early morning or late evening.

phosphor 0-20-0
TOTAL     NITROGEN(N)  0,08 %
TOTAL    PHOSPHATE(P2O5) 21,33 %
TOTAL    SULPHUR(S)  0,08 %
TOTAL     CALCIUM(Ca)  19,33 %
TOTAL    MAGNESIUM(Mg)  0,88 %
TOTAL    SODIUM(Na) 0,27 %
TOTAL    SILIC(Si)  11,33 %
TOTAL     IRON(Fe)  5920 ppm
TOTAL     MANGANESE(Mn)  1084 ppm
TOTAL     ZINC(Zn)  226,67 ppm
TOTAL     COPPER(Cu)  7,33 ppm
TOTAL     COBALT(Co)  0,9 ppm
TOTAL     BORON(B)  17,87 ppm
TOTAL     MOLYBDENUM(Mo)  1,6 ppm
CADMIUM(Cd)  1,93 ppm
MERCURY(Hg)  0,39 ppm
LEAD(Pb)  22 ppm



Phosphor: 20% P2O5
Alga Solution : 25%


Solubility in water: Slow
PH  5.0
Density: 1,8 liquid.
Heavy Metal: Co, Cr, Cd, Pb max: 0,5 ppm w/v

Important for:

Storage:  2 years.
Toxicity:  Non, if used as instructions
Derived fron animal:   Non
Salmonella:   absent
Color:  Brown/yellow.
Use: Agriculture Organic or conventional.



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