Product Features And Benefits

A highly concentrated liquid formulation.

Widely tank mixable, Ferticell-Sulphur-800 can be co-applied with many agrochemicals, allowing easy integration for crop protection programs and removing the need for specific spray operations.

Saving time and money is the result.



Pale green or yellow leaves (strawberry)

Small necrotic areas develop on leaves (strawberry)

Even g of new growth (citrus)

Small leaves and abscise prematurely- die-back of new shoots (but gumming of bark) (citrus) ??

Fruit undersize and irregular shapes, weak color production (citrus)

Rind very think and severe cases show shrivelled, dry juice sacks (citrus)

Reduced growth (potato)

Pale green or yellow leaves (potato)

Reduced yield (potato)

Leaf necrosis and premature dropping of leaves occurs (tomato)

Yellow mottled younger leaves (tomato)

Purpling on main leaf veins (tomato)

Stunted growth (cereals)

Delayed maturity (cereals)

Pale yellow younger - whole leaf (cereals)

Reduced protein on grain (cereals)

Yellowing of leaves starts first on youngest growth (apple)

New growth is stunted (apple)

Premature leaf fall can occur (apple)

Yield is generally reduced (apple)

Pale green or yellow leaves (vines)

Reduced shoot growth (vines)

Reduced vigour (vines)

Application Rates-Foliar


Vegetable:                  3 - 5 liters hectare

Cereal:                        2 - 5 liters hectare

Apple/Pear:                 3 - 5 liters hectare

General Fruit:             3 - 5 liters hectare

Olive:                          5 - 10 liters hectare

Vines:                         3 - 5 liters hectare


850 grams/liter Sulphur SO3 (70% w/w)

Algae extract: 10%

Density: 1.4


Important for:

Protein development, amino acids (thiamine), coenzyme A, Vitamins (biotin)

Synthesis of oils in oil producing crops

Created by:

Acidic soils

Light or sandy soils (leaching)

Low organic matter

Poorly aerated of soils (waterlogged soils)

Areas with low industrial emissions