Crop Protection and revitalizers

Organic product, with a formulation containing different vegetable extracts and unicellular algae that provides all vegetables on which it is used the capacity to react to biotic and abiotic factors.  It prevents bacteria, fungus or virus attacks.
It helps recover seriously damaged or attacked trees, such as those affected by the citrus tristeza virus (CTV). 
Revitalizing and biostimulating agent applied on affected plants and those that do not look completely healthy, notwithstanding the reason for the physiopathy.  The main effect of this product is to induce the plant to develop better skills to defend itself from the stress-generating situation or the agent responsible for the pathology, as well as from bacteria, fungus or viruses.
Combat diverse and varied pests and diseases in the plant world, as well as Aphids, Mildew, Citrus Tristeza, Leaf miner, Repilo, Red Weevil, Fly, Spiders, etc ...
For very strong pests, you can also add a small amount of insecticide to the broth at will before applying as the product is compatible.
Excellent preventive, curative, insecticide, fungicide, antiviral, bactericidal.
In oranges and tangerines, treated 4 times in a year, more than 62 parameters were taken in search of TOXICITIES, which resulted satisfactorily NEGATIVE.
The product is applied by injection to the stem, foliar, inmersion of the seedlings with the roots in contact with the product, to thus eliminate blockages, fungi, gummosis, etc ... and that the plant begins vegetatively healthy and vigorous.
The highest efficiency is observed when we apply it with Tub,Backpack, Pistol, etc ... and the trunk and branches are well wetted, here it is produced through the bark CAPILARITY by immediately mixing the product with the SAP, purifying it and allowing that it reaches the whole root area of the plant equally, transporting nutrients, water, etc., and as a colophon, achieving a calibrated and very homogeneous fruit, roots and plants BREATHE and allow the VEGETATIVE state of the unbeatable plants. It can also be applied by dripping, obtaining very good results.
Crops: used for demonstrative studies:
Most representative kinds of citrus trees (orange tree affected by the citrus tristeza virus (CTV), lemon, tangerine); olive trees, deciduous and perennial fruit trees as well as subtropical fruit trees (avocados, mangos, papayas, lychees.)
Horticultural crops produced both through intensive (tomato, pepper, cucumber, melon and watermelon) and extensive cultivation (potatoes, artichokes, beans, industrial tomatoes, pineapples.) 
Strawberries, berries and banana trees.
Seedbeds and seedlings.
Effective in all types of crops.
Below, you will find general guidelines for application, although there might be variations depending on the crop.
Trees and bushes: preventive treatment plan. 
1st pre-budding application: use the product at 4% concentration.
2nd and 3rd application each three months to cover the whole productive cycle: same dose at 4% concentration.
For healing purposes and in the rest of the crops when the first symptoms appear, use the product at 6% concentration as intensive treatment and then repeat after three weeks at 4% concentration. Subsequently, administer maintenance treatment each month in horticultural crops and each two months in perennial plants.
The treatment broth will be the usual one to spray homogeneously in order to cover all parts of plants, mainly leaves, branches and stem. Fruits can be sprayed as there are no problems with any kind of residue.
Presentation: 10 L and 1000 L containers. 
Warning: Mixing with other products or using it for irrigation purposes isn´t recommended. 
Use all personal safety equipment as you would use with any fito-sanitary treatment.